• Reliance on God, Not Fatalism:
    • (Abraham informing his compatriots of whom he worships). “(I worship) who created me and who guides me. Who gave me food and drink, And when I am ill, it is he who cures me, Who will cause me to die and then to live (again), ---.”
      Qur’an. Al-Shuara. 26: 78-85.
  • Appreciate and Maintain Good Health:
    • “A person’s body has a right over him”
        - Saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    • “Health is a crown seen on the heads of the healthy by only those who are ill”
        - Common saying among Muslims
  • Hygiene:
    • “Cleanliness is half the faith”
        - Saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    • Rituals promote hygiene
      Hand washing and mouth rinsing before and after meals
      Five time ritual and physical cleaning before each prayer
      Brushing teeth (Miswak)
      Regular baths
  • Diet and Disease Prevention:
    • Diet - “Eat in moderation”
    • Disease prevention
      “If you hear about plague in a land don’t go there, but if you were in that land, don’t leave”
       - Sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
  • Prophetic Medicine
    • “Seek cures” - Saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
    • Good hygiene, moderation in eating, clean living.
    • Reliance on God.
    • Actual prescriptions few and poorly authenticated.