ISPI was established in 1994 by a group of American Muslims in the Chicago area. Its mission is to promote the correct understanding of Islam and Muslims in the United States. It seeks to explain the moral ethical positions of Islam and Muslims to fellow Americans. The institute believes this will counter the stereotyping of Muslims and debunk the myths surroundings Muslims, Islam and the Prophet Muhammad.

The institute also aspires to educate Muslim Americans about US educational system, the ways to participate in the national discourse both in and out of the political system and debunk the myths and stereotypes about Americans that are prevalent in the Muslim and immigrant communities. It has analyzed heterodoxy among Muslims to promote respect for dissent and diversity of opinions

Acting as a bridge between the Muslim and non-Muslim communities the institute hopes its efforts will allow for a healthy discourse between communities and a fruitful collaboration on many issues of common interest. The institute believes Muslims can participate constructively on national dialogue on topics like race relations, pluralism and civil liberties and have a unique perspective to offer. Additionally this bridge building will allow Muslims, in particular South Asians and Arabs, to live in dignity.

One of the means of achieving these goals is the publication of occasional books and papers on selected topics that address these issues, holding public seminars and colloquia and giving didactic lectures as well as conducting dialectical discussions.

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Last Updated: 16/10/2006
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