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4 The poor are at the heart of Yunus' plan -by Javeed Akhter
Published October 20, 2006 .
4 Hard work and fasting feed the soul -by Javeed Akhter
Published in Chicago Tribune, October 8, 2006
4 Muslim in America: A subject of others' suspicion -by Javeed Akhter
Published in Chicago Tribune, August 20, 2006.
4 Overcoming distorted perceptions -by Javeed Akhter
Published in Chicago Tribune, June 21, 2006.
4 Columnist deepens stereotyping of Muslims - Javeed Akhter, Founding member, The International Strategy and Policy Institute, Member Muslim Public Affairs Council - Published April 25, 2006.
4 Biased article - Javeed Akhter
4 White House plays card right -by Javeed Akhter
Published in Chicago Tribune, December 18, 2005
4American Public Opinion and Foreign Policy
The United States is the world's undisputed military and economic superpower. It has a more formidable global presence than ever, maintaining approximately 700 military... Read more...
4Respect Sanctity of Prophet Muhammad -by Javeed Akhter
Published on 2/16/06 in �The Daily Herald�
4Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources and Strategies -by Cheryl Benard published by the Rand Corporation

The Islamic world is involved in a struggle to determine its own nature and values, with serious implications for the future. What role can the rest of the world, threatened and affected as it is by this struggle, play in bringing about a more peaceful and positive outcome? Read more...
Read the Critique of this paper by Dr. Javeed Akhter

4Trusting Muslim Americans is Good for US Security -by Javeed Akhter
4Thankful to Live in a Pluralistic Society -by Javeed Akhter
Published in �Daily Herald�
4Progressive Muslim Dilemma -by Javeed Akhter
Published recently in �The American Muslim�
4Our Own Worst Enemy -by Hesham Hassaballa
4From Uhud to Beslan -by Hesham Hassaballa
Published 6/19/05 by Chicago Tribune
4Moderate Muslims need to raise their voices -by Javeed Akhter
Published 9/12/04 by Chicago Tribune
4RAND Corporation's Ungracious Strategy For a �Civil Democratic Islam� -by Javeed Akhter, Published by TAM and iViews
4Muslim Activism in the US: Showing Signs of Maturity -by Javeed Akhter
4Culture of Respect: A Muslim Perspective -by Javeed Akhter MD
4D.N.R. Islamic Perspective -by Javeed Akhter MD
4Muslim Legacy In India : Do Muslims Deserve The Hatred Of Hindus? -by Javeed Akhter
4Bush is right: this is not a clash of civilizations Yasmin AliBhai-Brown
4Pluralism: Essential for Civil Society -by Javeed Akhter
Published in "The American Muslim" March-April 2003 Issue and presented at a "seminar in memorial of Paulos Mar Gregorios".
4Pluralism: A Model for Society, Not an Excuse for Ambiguity -by Syed Mohiuddin Ahmed MD. Published in "The American Muslim" March-April 2003 Issue.
4Islam and Pluralism -by Syed Hashim Ali
Published in "The American Muslim" March-April 2003 Issue.
  Race Relations
4ISPI's Statement on Race Relations
4Race Relations in the US: An Overview -by Javeed Akther
4Race Relations: An Islamic Perspective -by Inam-ul-Haq
4The Nature and Structure of the Islamic World -by Ralph Braibanti
Book published in 1997 and revised edition in 2000.
4The Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad's Life -by Javeed Akhter
Book published end of 2001. Read the Review published in the Journal "Studies in Contem-porary Islam" (Volume 4, Number 1 spring 2002, Center for Islamic studies, Youngstown State University).
4Does Islam Promote Violence? Quoting the Qur'an (Koran) without context First published in as well as the Sep-Oct issue of �The American Muslim� and reprinted on Thursday, August 29, 2002 of
  Health Policy
4Guidelines for Health Care Providers Interacting with Muslim Patients and their Families Developed by The Metropolitan Chicago Healthcare Council. It provides a template for other faiths and traditions to follow.
4Medical Ethics in Islam -by Javeed Akhter
  Post 9/11
4Post 9/11 Attitudes: The Effects of Terrorism on Political Tolerance of Arab Americans and Muslims -by Linda J. Skitka
Presented to general audience at the Oak Brook public library on September 10, 2003.
4"A Network of the Just." A Muslim-American's reflections post 9/11 :
First published in the November issue of �The American Muslim� as �A Better Future for our Children".
4As the Smoke Began to Clear -by Michael Wolfe
4Remembering 9/11: Prophet Mohammad's Life Remains A Guidance -by Dina Rashed. Published on Islam on Line
4Schisms and heterodoxy among Muslims -by Javeed Akhter
4The Inimitability of the Quran
4American Public Policy and American-Muslim Politics -by Ali Mazrui, Sherman Jackson, Aminah McCloud. Book published in 2000.
4The Relevance of the Seera -Presented at ISPI event in Spring of 2002.
4The Conceptual Revolution of the Qur'an -by Javeed Akhter
4Playing into the Hands of the Extremists? -by Robert Crane
4The Quintessentials of the Islamic Belief System -by Javeed Akhter
4Muslims in America: Ignore or Collaborate -by Javeed Akhter
4The U.S. Constitution: A Secular Document
4Universal Islamic Declaration of Human Rights
4Civilization in Crisis: Confrontation or Cooperation -by Robert Crane
4Defining Islamic Traditionalism: First Principles in the Islamization of Thought -by Isma'il Raji al-Faruqi
4U.S.-Muslim Alliance: To Be Or Not To Be? -by Robert Crane
4Quake victims' courage inspired volunteer doctors -By Javeed Akhter
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