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4D.N.R. Islamic Perspective -by Javeed Akhter
4Culture of Respect: A Muslim Perspective -by Javeed Akhter
4Post 9/11 Attitudes: The Effects of Terrorism on Political Tolerance of Arab Americans and Muslims -by Linda J. Skitka
4Introducing Islam Presentation -by Javeed Akhter
4An Introduction to Muslim Americans -by Javeed Akhter
4Medical Ethics in Islam -by Javeed Akhter
4Fazalur Rahman’s Contribution To Islamic Thought -by Javeed Akhter
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4The Seven Phases of Prophet Muhammad's Life -by Javeed Akhter
4The Nature and Structure of the Islamic World -by Ralph Braibanti
4American Public Policy and American-Muslim Politics -by Ali A. Mazrui, Sherman A. Jackson, Dr. Aminah McCloud.
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  4Muslims in America: Opportunities and Challenges - by Asad Husain, John E Woods, Javeed Akhter.
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